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Digital Marketing Training Details

Digital Marketing Workshops

(Basic and Intermediate)

Want to multiply your business 💵💳 and make fortune with digital sales and marketing 🌐🛒🛍️📊 BUT still looking for the perfect mentor and where and what to learn? Drop your worries. Learn how to multiply your business 📈💰with the Power of Digital Marketing 💳💻.

I am looking for serious people 👬who want to multiply their business without wasting time on agencies and freelancers and learn and implement digital marketing skills using my Digital Marketing Workshop.

🥇🎯 Here's what you are going to discover, learn and implement with the Basic and Intermediate Courses.



🏆✅ DAY 1
👉🏻 Design your own content - WA, FB, Insta, YT and LinkedIn posts and banners
🏆✅ DAY 2 👉🏻 Get creative with Videos. Learn how to create short, simple and vertical videos which will grab your customer's attention
🏆✅ DAY 3 & 4
👉🏻 Learn Google Tools
👉🏻 How to create enquiry forms, create YouTube channel, Google "My Business" page and much more
🏆✅ DAY 5 & 6
👉🏻 Create your own Website / Blog without the help of a designer
👉🏻 Book your own domain, host your site, upload files, make changes whenever you want
🏆✅ DAY 7 👉🏻 How to get creative and write good content which will grab the audience's attention ?
👉🏻 Get ideas for writing content
👉🏻 Ready-to-use articles and templates
🏆✅ DAY 8 👉🏻 Learn Email Marketing
👉🏻 How to extract data, how to send bulk emails and how to use GMail as a Bulk Mailing Tool ?
✅ Get Tons of Softwares for 🆓
✅ Get your Online Audit for 🆓
✅ Get my lifetime support for 🆓



🏆✅ DAY 1 & 2
👉🏻 Creating a Landing Page for Promotion.
👉🏻 Using various promotional techniques like Gifts, Discounts, Referral Deals, Commission Deals, Offers using Online Software.
🏆✅ DAY 3 & 4
👉🏻 Lead Generation using Facebook Ads.
👉🏻 How to create FREE programs and events and get subscribers to your programs.
👉🏻 How to create OFFERS for products and get people to purchase them.
🏆✅ DAY 5
👉🏻 Email Marketing and Extraction Advanced Tools.
👉🏻 Getting subscribers, adding them to the email list and using manual and automated email tools.
🏆✅ DAY 6
👉🏻 SEO Audit for Website.
🏆✅ DAY 7 & 8
👉🏻 Starting a Blog.
👉🏻 Finding Keywords using Online Tools.
👉🏻 Finding Content for Blog and making it unique.
👉🏻 Getting subscribers for your Blog.
👉🏻 Getting backlinks for your Blog.

✅ Get Tons of Softwares for 🆓
✅ Get my lifetime support for 🆓

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