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LINKEDIN WORKSHOP (Basic and Advanced)

Workshop Contents


Day 1 : Introduction and Name, Profile Picture,

             Banner Changes.

Day 2 : Other Profile Changes including Headline.

Day 3 : Profile URL change, check SSI and

             Resume Worded score.

Day 4 : Search & Add your Target Audience or Client.
              How to use Search Filtering appropriately.
              How to send a message in 300 words to a

              new connection.
              How to use Hashtags, how to Tag your

              Commenting on other's posts.
              How to include links and attachments.

Day 5 : Content Writing - Part 1.

Day 6 : Content Writing - Part 2.

Day 7 : Data Extraction Part 1.

Day 8 : Data Extraction Part 2.
             Question and Answer session.
             Online Networking.

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recommendations 01
recommendations 02

LinkedIn branding is a relatively new way of driving targeted leads to your website and sales pages via the social media network. By now most online companies know that they need to be active in networking and forums such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. but have not really considered creating a "brands" section for their own websites. This should be a high priority for all businesses, big and small, and should form part of the overall online strategy. The link-building community on LinkedIn is fantastic for generating leads and this will become even more important as more companies begin to realize the importance of being involved with the social media industry.

One of the major benefits from being listed on LinkedIn is that it can provide valuable backlinks to your business. All the other major search engines will rate your business based upon the strength of these links so having a high ranking can be a huge advantage for your business. Of course there are other factors to consider too, such as your reputation on the platform itself. If you have a history of providing excellent customer service and value, then this will be reflected positively in your profile and you will be seen as an easy to deal with and successful company. Having positive feedback from past customers will also add to the perception you have of the company and will result in many more new potential customers.

The link-building process on LinkedIn is fairly straightforward but does require some dedication on your part. There are some things you can do which may boost your results, such as commenting on relevant blogs, participating in forums and adding a few links to your website. There is no magic button when starting your LinkedIn branding journey but the more time and effort you invest in it the better results you will achieve. This new feature will definitely help your visibility and it is worth taking advantage of if you haven't already.

Group Training.
Total Fees : Rs.5,000 per person ONLY. 100% advance.

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