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Data Analytics and Insights for Business

Business owners and managers are no longer satisfied with the status quo. They want more insights, better performance, and faster results. Organizations that grow and thrive in today's economy are demanding new ways of working – now. To meet these demands, companies need to be able to access information quickly, interpret it correctly and act on it decisively. This can only be achieved by having data analytics solutions in place that provide real-time business intelligence solutions that deliver actionable insights for greater business success.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of making sense from data and converting it into useful information in order to make decisions.

It is a term that has been around for a while, but what does it really mean and why should you care about it?  To answer that question, let's first define what data analytics actually refers to. In the broadest sense, data analytics refers to any type of work done on data; this includes collecting the data, analyzing it, reporting on it and communicating with the business owner.

How is Data Analytics useful for business?

Data analytics is the process of collecting, storing and analyzing data in order to develop useful insights. The goal of business analytics is to derive meaning from big data in order to make better decisions. Businesses are generating more data than ever before, and it can be overwhelming at times. Companies need a way to sift through all this information quickly and effectively so they can understand what their customers want and how they can improve their business overall.

These days many companies use this technology as part of their marketing efforts, because they want to know every little detail about their customers. For example, if you are selling cars you would want to know where your potential buyers come from and what type of car they are looking for.

How can Google Analytics help in data analysis?

Google Analytics is a great tool for data analysis. It helps in collecting, analyzing and reporting the website data. You can easily find out which pages are getting more traffic than other pages. You can see where your visitors are coming from, what devices they use to access your site and much more!

Google Analytics Main Screen

See where your visitors are coming from using Google Analytics

How to Use Google Analytics?

1. Create a Google Analytics account.

2. Add the name, web address, and type of the portal you want to track.

3. Add a view to your property.

4. Add the tracking code immediately after the head tag of your portal.

5. Visit the Google Analytics portal and confirm that the code is working.

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